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                                ....ENJOY READING THE STORY OF TEZIN...
                                                 Written By Davies Msosa
.....All credits and special thanks go to CHEVELIN PIERRE and the Guys at CHEVELIN ILLUSTRATIONS STUDIO in HAITI for this beautiful STORY IN PICTURES. Guys you are truly gifted, GOD BLESS YOU. 

....TEZIN was an orphaned young beautiful lady whose parents died at her young age. After the tragedy of her parents passing, Tezin was taken in by her WICKED GRANDPARENTS who often practiced in magic.

   Though Tezin had a roof over her head and plenty of food to eat, she was not happy living with them, they were cruel old people who often mistreated her. And there was JOEL and PITSO, her lazy but cold-blooded cousins who spent most of their time practicing sword fighting with Grandpa. Pitso was not a bad person, not like Joel, he was just trying to fit in the cruel picture.

Often, when Tezin was with her friends, she dubbed Grandpa, Grandma, Joel and Pitso, the CRUEL FOUR.

    That morning was just the same as usually for Tezin, She was up before dawn doing her daily routine, fetching water from the river. As the sun was rising, Tezin was tired because of the heat and decided to take a break, she sat silently by the riverbank enjoying the beautiful scenery.


 After resting for a while, Tezin got up and walked towards the water, straight away and fully dressed, she entered into the water to cool off. She sat down in the water where it was not deep.

    Later, Tezin realised time has passed, she had to get back home or she would be in trouble with Grandma. She filled the bucket with water and put it on her head.

     But the transparency of her wet dress was doing her injustice. Tezin had a habit of walking with her eyes closed, something she learned from Grandpa at her young age. As she walked back towards the riverbank, she closed her eyes and walked slowly and confidently as if she was teasing someone.

   Just before she reached the riverbank, there was some eerie sound, coming from all directions.  Tezin stopped abruptly, for a moment, she stayed motionless, listening...and the sun was shining beautifully on her small firm beasts. Seconds passed.

  Tezin opened her eyes and glanced behind, but she saw nothing. Again, she looked into the water...still, nothing there, yet she could hear the unmistakable eerie sound.

     Moments later, Tezin closed her eyes again, ready to go, she lifted up her right foot from the water and stepped on the riverbank, just when she was about lift the left foot, suddenly, a hand appeared from the water and swiftly started reaching for her leg.

    Although GRANDPA taught Tezin much about being blindfolded or walking with eyes closed, at this moment Tezin felt so strange...something was not right....she opened her eyes and glanced behind again, just in time to see the moving hand as it was reaching for her leg.

   Tezin startled, her right foot slipped back into the water but she quickly balance herself with her left leg and jumped on the riverbank.

      Safe on the riverbank, Tezin, closed her eyes again and headed home. Behind her, a head with long DREADLOCKS emerged from the water and watched as Tezin disappeared into the woods.

   Tezin arrived home, she found GRANDPA teaching JOEL and PITSO, a one hand, blindfold, and magic sword fighting style but instead of swords, they were using machetes.

   She walked past them without saying a word and continued towards a big cask.  Grandma stood afar watching as Tezin reached the cask. Grandma looked at clock she was holding, it was way past the time Tezin was supposed to back from the river.

     GRANDMA was not!!! not happy at all....still holding a clock on her hand, Grandma stormed after Tezin...mumbling to herself...and yelling at the same time. She found Tezin pouring water into a big cask, right away, Grandma showed Tezin a clock, shouting, time! Time! Time! She demanded to know why Tezin had taken too long at the river. 

     Tezin knew Grandma very well, if she answered her, Grandma was going to yell. If she kept quiet, Grandma was still going to yell. So, Tezin decided to keep quiet.

    After all Grandma’s yelling, Grandpa, joel and Pitso expected Tezin to cry, because she always cry when Grandma shouts,  but today was a different day, Tezin stayed calm and did not cry, not a drop of tear came out of her eyes.

    With no crying happening today, Grandpa and the Boys sensed trouble, they stopped their machete practicing before Grandma turned on them to take out her frustrations. They knew very well that when Grandma opens her mouth, she never stops until she is satisfied, and by look of things at this point, she was not satisfied.

    Quickly, Grandpa whispered something to Joel. Joel dropped his machete and walked towards Grandma and Tezin.

     Grandma was still demanding answers from Tezin. Without a word, Joel came and snatched the bucket from Tezin’s hand, Terzin startled, she opened her mouth and was about to say something but with Grandma standing there, that was not a good idea, she changed her mind and closed her mouth again.

    She watched as Joel arrogantly headed towards the river. Grandma ordered Tezin to go and clean the house. 

      On his way to the river, Joel met CARLOS and THE MYSTERIOUS LADY...but said nothing and continued walking.

.  Later, Joel arrived at the river... immediately, Joel could see something was wrong... very wrong. All of the sudden, there was a strong wind blowing from all directions and irritating creepy sound from the trees and the grass.

  Joel was a tough man and knew this river very well, but he had never seen this place like this before, he was afraid now, he looked around, but there was no one, and the water was dirty everywhere, from the waterfall down to the river...

   Joel wondered, It didn’t rain today and not long ago, Tezin just came home with a bucket of fresh clean water from the same river, now, the water was dirty....very dirty.... how was it possible?

  While Joel stood there terrified and wondering...the grass around him started growing rapidly. Joel  had to get the hell out of ....but not without water, he plunged the bucket into the river and scooped the dirty water. Whether the bucket was full or not, it didn’t matter....his life mattered.

    He turned and started running, but the rapidly growing grass was pulling his legs down... he couldn’t lift up his legs... Joel struggled to move forward.....And in the bushes, a silent FIGURE with DREADLOCKS was watching....Joel’s effort to move was fading, the pull from the grass was too strong,

      Joel had to do something, anything, to get away...he tried to stride....and miraculously the striding worked, Joel managed to get away from the grass. Now, safe and away from the river, Joel didn’t look back, immediately, he dashed towards home.

    As Joel was disappearing into the woods ....a sad looking HANDSOME MAN with DREADLOCKS emerged from the water..

    Joel arrived home panting and tired. Tezin was now washing vegetables..... Joel went past Tezin... walking straight towards the basin. Unfortunately, nothing escapes Grandma, though she was afar, she could see Joel pouring dirty water into the basin.

  Grandma whispered into Grandpa‘s ear, she turned and approached Joel. Without wasting time, Grandma asked Joel why he came home running and with dirty water. Though he was still out of breath, Joel explained everything....

    Grandma smelled a rat, she turned and went to Grandpa again and had a quick word with him. Tezin didn’t pay much attention to what Joel said...or what was going on, she was not happy...with her eyes still closed, Tezin kept washing the vegetables... hymning....

  Later on, just before sunset, Tezin had just finished washing the vegetables, and her eyes were still closed, suddenly, she heard footsteps, Tezin opened her eyes and looked up, Joel was standing there his hand stretched offering Tezin the bucket.

       Tezin was surprised....she kept her cool but her face brightened up... and for the first time today, Tezin opened her beautiful eyes fully... She stared at Joel for a second and smiled. Immediately, Tezin got up in a hurry and headed for the river... For some unknown reasons, Tezin was just so happy to go back to the river.

With her eyes half closed, Tezin walked slowly towards the radiated all over her, she kept fixing her hair and her face all the way as if she was going to the party.

       But unknowingly to Tezin, THE CRUEL FOUR, Joel, Pitso, Grandpa and Grandma...armed with machetes were following her silently and kept hiding behind big trees.

    Tezin looked so sexy, she walked teasingly as if she was trying to get someone’s attention. The strong wind kept blowing but the grass ceased growing.

   As Tezin approached the river.. Suddenly, the strong wind stopped blowing and from the waterfall down to the river, the dirty water started changing back to fresh and clean...

     Tezin walked delightfully in strides, the bucket dangling on her arm. She walked straight into the water.

...The sun was now setting, for few seconds Tezin stood in the water with her eyes closed... then there was that eerie sound again, Tezin still kept her eyes closed, then the eerie sound stopped.

    Suddenly, from the water, a HANDSOME MAN with DREADLOCKS emerge with a bang... splashing water around him..... his arms wide open.
   Strangely, Tezin was not surprised  to see him or was she afraid of him, she dropped the bucket... with her eyes half opened, she ran towards the same time opening her arms..... And unaware of the danger shadowing them.. The two met..

they hugged ....they kissed ...and there was action, a lot of action, a nonstop ....slow and intense action all over the water. Nothing else mattered to Tezin more than to be here now, with this MYSTERIOUS HANDSOME MAN....he was her world...a pure world worth risking her life for.... and the slow and intense action continued.

    His powerful hands moved smoothly around her neck....she was feeling his supremacy....the power like no other.  The dripping of water on her body from his dreadlocks was purely wonderful.

   Tezin was completely lost in this man’s world of wonderful love making and unbelievable action. Time passed... but for Tezin and Mr. H, time stood still...

  It was getting late, Tezin needed to be home by now or she will face the same trouble like this morning with Grandma.

    Later, the action was over. Tezin, now fully dressed again , filled the bucket with water and put it on her head.

    Feeling satisfied, the Mr H. sat on the steep rock under the waterfall, naked. Tezin looked at him again....she was all smiles... radiating love. She walked a bit far from him and waved goodbye.

 After some action, Mr. H. always goes back into the water, but this time, he stayed and watched as Tezin disappeared into the woods.

Darkness was approaching, Tezin didn’t worry much about darkness, she can walk with her eyes closed but not at this!...She was filled with happiness....

   Tezin walked with pride....and the beautiful smile never disappeared from her face. As the water from the bucket was dropping on her shoulders...drop after drop...she imagined those dreadlocks dripping water on her naked body.

     But behind Tezin, trouble was brewing, the CRUEL FOUR tip toed silently heading towards the river with Joel leading the pack.

 And at the river, Mr. Handsome was about to submerge when suddenly he heard some noise behind him.....he looked over his shoulder to check...just to see the CRUEL FOUR armed with machetes charging towards him......ready to attack..

....Immediately, Mr. H. sprung into the air, at the same time transforming into a GIANT MALE MERMAID. The CRUEL FOUR stopped fear... they scrambled around.. panicking, Grandpa stumbled and fell.....Pitso passed out the minute he saw this giant awesome thing....Joel was trying to revive him....

    But Grandma was not afraid.....her hand reached for the pouch. And still airborne, Mr. H. tightened his fists, ready to attack...But Grandma’s hand moved out of the pouch with some white powder, swiftly, she brew the magic powder on his face,

     Mr. H tried to close his eyes ... too late. The magic powder worked fast... Mr. H. started losing his power... helplessly, he found himself falling fast back into the water...

.....Mr. H. fell hard into the water....Instantly, the CRUEL FOUR took advantage and unleashed their brutality....Ruthlessly, Joel utilised his machete on Mr. H..Grandpa holding a big stone, was doing his share...hammering the tail....Grandma, enjoying every moment, stood there immorally, watching....Pitso was still unconscious..

         When Tezin arrived home, there was nobody there. She thought maybe they had gone to the village. After all that action with Mr. H. she was tired, Tezin went straight to bed. 

       But the CRUEL FOUR underestimated the LOVE between TEZIN and Mr. H. it was something beyond love...something deeper...At home, Tezin was fast asleep, suddenly, she woke up in agony ... she felt the pain beyond ordinary pain... excruciating pain..

      Tezin cried out loud... screaming, cuts appeared and disappeared randomly on her body...she was sweating and oozing blood on her breast..Tezin felt every pain Mr. H felt.....

....Tezin knew something was wrong....very wrong. She could sense Mr. H was in danger. Driven by unknown power....and completely naked, Tezin took off and headed for the river...crying all the she was running in the woods, the strong wind started again...

     To Tezin, strong winds or running naked, didn’t matter now.....she had to see Mr. H. Tezin arrived at the river, right away she crouched down and looked into the water.....the water was red  and illuminating ...filled with blood, from the waterfall down to the river.....

     The look in Tezin’s eyes was scary... she stiffen her fingers... scratching the ground....and waited...her eyes intently staring into the water, hoping Mr. H to magically appear.

....She waited for a long time, as the morning was approaching, Tezin gave up and went back home, In the morning, Joel and Pitso were congratulating each other for the job well done killing Mr. H. but Pitso knowing that he passed out and didn’t do anything in the actual killing, he could not look Joel in the eyes.

     Tezin sat quietly in sorrow, one foot dipped in stagnant water....but Grandma was all smiles, she came and tried to comfort her... at the same time, she gave Tezin the blood stained machetes to clean.    
     After some time of comforting Tezin, Grandma turned and walked away. Something else was bothering Tezin, Grandma’s sudden change of heart, she was a mean old lady. 

     Why was Grandma so kind to her...and comforting her, for what? Tezin didn’t tell anyone about the pain or the cuts she felt last night. So, why was Grandma comforting her for?

     Though Tezin didn’t know exactly what had happened to Mr. H, she had a strong feeling that the blood stains on the machetes were Mr. H’s blood... Tezin sat there for a while trying to make up her mind whether to clean the machetes or not.

     While she was still thinking, the ground beneath the stagnant water opened up...and started swallowing her...Tezin screamed and tried to fight the pull....but the pull was too strong...half her body was already underground... The Cruel Four heard Tezin screaming.

.....Joel, Grandpa and Grandma came rushing, just as Tezin’s head was about to go underground. Swiftly, Joel got hold of Tezin’s hair, using all his power he held on and kept trying to pull her up.

Grandpa and Grandma, eyes wide open, mouths agape, kept calling Tezin’s name, Tezin! Tezin! Tezin!...Their cruelty was bearing the fruits... and the fruit was losing Tezin ..

   Joel was losing strength, the pull from the underground was just too strong...Grandma hands on her head, cried out loud... And Joel held on to Tezin’s hair...

   Then suddenly, Tezin’s hair snapped ....instantly, Tezin was gone and the ground beneath the stagnant water closed up... The Cruel Four sat there crying not believing Tezin was really gone.

    Deep down in the water, Tezin found herself in the myth WORLD OF MERMAIDS.....where the MYSTERIOUS LADY was waiting for her. Immediately, the MYSTERIOUS LADY signalled Tezin to follow her.....

.....For a moment, Tezin stood there watching as the MYSTERIOUS LADY started moving deep into the ocean....Tezin could not believe she was actually breathing and swimming easily in the water.... what an exciting experience...After the reality settled in, she turned and followed the MYSTERIOUS LADY.

      Later on, they arrived at their destination, where more beautiful MERMAIDS were waiting for her. Everything was happening so fast, immediately, the MERMAIDS started preparing Tezin.... eyelashes, make up, hair, a crown and all the stuff....

Tezin didn’t understand what was happening ....Magically, something like gold plates or gold shells floated around Tezin and covered her assets...

.....After all the preparation, Tezin was ready and looking very beautiful,  they took Tezin to a big hall filled with more Tezin was walking down the hall, she looked up the stairway... and there he was, PRINCE MR. HANDSOME himself...son of the KING, descending the stairway beaming with a smile to meet her.

 The KING stood behind Mr. H. welcoming Tezin...Tezin put her hand to the mouth ...not believing Mr. H. was still alive....

....Now the reality hit Tezin....this was her wedding to Mr. H....Right away, the two met, they hugged, they kissed....but this time, no action. The minute they started kissing, both Tezin and Mr. H’s bodies from waist down transformed into MERMAIDS...

    For Tezin to be here in the MERMAID world Mr. H. had to sacrifice himself. His blood for Tezin’s conversion to a Mermaid.

     The audience shouted with joy, blowing trumpets and other instruments....Well, this is
                                               .....THE END OF OUR STORY.......

Written by Davies Msosa.